An Unexpected Patio – Day 2

Patio Tamp Day 2

Waking up on Sunday was not like waking up on Saturday.  It was grey and cold and the threat of rain took the place of all those rays of sunshine.  Sunday was not a day I wanted to be outside but with all that freezing rain in the sky we had to get the pavers in place so we bundled up and headed out to the garden for a final tamping.

Patio Border

Sunday I was also even worse about snapping photos, maybe because my fingers were numb.  You can see in this photo some twine which  told us the 90 degree angle corners and also kept us in a straight line all the way down one side.  You might be thinking “how hard is it to lay a bunch of rectangles in a straight line?” Pretty tricky, actually.  Since these are imperfect rectangles, butting them up together perfectly does not a straight line make, so the twine came in very handy.  The twine, a square (that metal angle piece there), a measuring tape, a level, the two of us and the neighbor actually all came in very handy trying to lay our border into a perfect square.

Laying Patio Pavers

Next up was laying the pavers down which was actually the easy part of the whole process.  Maybe because our border was so perfect, the pavers all fit pretty perfectly after that.  We did run out, but we only made 3 trips to Lowes on Sunday instead of the 7 on Saturday.  That’s progress.  While the boys laid down the pavers for the garden patio, I started ripping out the plant graveyard and getting up as many weeds as possible from the ground before we lay the mulch.

Patio Paver Closeup

We went for the simplest of patio laying patterns – the running bond.  Which meant that every row required a block to be cut which made us a little nervous at first but our wet saw “cut like butter” as Eric said.

Patio Guard

Next up was putting up the guard that will *fingers crossed* keep the pavers from moving in the future.  These pieces just bump against the side of the outside border, then you drive a stake into the ground.  The boys whipped these out (except for running out of stakes and having to go back to Lowe’s…).  By that time the rain was coming down so we skipped the last step which is just brushing on the sand.  We were so close!  And now we have to wait until Friday or Saturday so you are going to have to wait too.

Patio All Pavers

But isn’t she beautiful?  I can’t wait to get out here to pick some fresh mint and whip up some mojitos.  Summer, come quickly!

Patio End of Day 2

We did get the beds subdued a bit and most of the weeds up.  All we have left is to add some landscape fabric and lay down the mulch but this is going to be a whole different garden, one that I’ll actually want to hang out in instead of avoiding like the plague.  I can’t wait!

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Author: Jamie Forbes

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