Our back yard is exactly what we were looking for when we were house hunting.  Rooster has half an acre to run around on and she needs all the room she can get.  This is what we started with.  No one had lived here for several years, though a guy came and cut the grass, the bushes and everything had gotten way overgrown.

Creepy Shed

This is the view from the back door.  No yard is complete without a super creepy cinder block building with a lock, electrical and a roof that bangs in the wind.  Supposedly they used this as a green house in the winter… but why would it need to be 8 feet from the back door, and why a lock that is above the reach of children?  We’ll never know, but we finally tore this bad boy down.

Inside the Creepy Shed

Here is a peek at the inside.  We’ve actually used a lot of these shelves in the garage since then, and we found a hole in the bottom once we put the storm windows up which could be converted into a well, we think.

Ryne's Shed Victory

Ryne and Martha came down from Indiana to help us knock this out over Memorial Day weekend!  Unfortunately, the dump doesn’t take cement blocks so we’ve been handing them out to people on Craigslist and sneaking a couple in the trash each week.  Slowly but surely our pile of rubble is disappearing!

The Big Ugly Bush

The backyard has woods behind it and enough trees to one side to block the neighbors house.  We’re completely closed in on two sides which is wonderfully peaceful and a little magical but also means a lot of ticks, wildlife and creepy crawlies.  The vines are also completely taking over.  The whole back is a wall of kudzu and wisteria and even though we’ve started attacking it, it is attacking back even harder.  Plus there are those overgrown bushes.

The Garden

Which we replaced with six raised garden beds.  We’re still getting the hang of gardening and the amount of tending required but we’re growing all sorts of things like grapes, strawberries, corn, herbs, potatoes and cantaloupe.  We’ve been changing it up every year but it is so much fun to watch them grow.

Under the Oak - Before

The gas tank back there was removed before we moved in, but these crazy plants were not.  We tackled these pretty quick since they looked dangerously like snake territory.

Rock Path

For our first Memorial Day weekend, my parents came to town and we took on the little area that used to be the terrible giant weeds.  Rusty helped trim up the holly and we used the rocks from around the house to put in a little walkway and with some mulch it really looks like someone lives here finally.

Behind the Garage

This was what it looked like around the whole house.  Vines and overgrown holly bushes.  When we were ripping out behind the garage we found yards and yards of purple fabric, windows that had been smashed into little shards, buckets of galvanized steel and what looked like an old metal teeter totter.  It was quite the junkyard.


So we planted some sunflowers there instead!  Just like the rest of the house, the backyard still needs a lot of work, especially a patio so we can sit and enjoy the outdoors.  Someday!

To Do

  1. Take down the creepy building
  2. Put up a nicer fence around the garden and cover the dead grass with pea gravel
  3. Make a patio
  4. Take down the kudzu and other vines that are killing the trees

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