So far, this third bedroom has functioned as storage space, a guest bedroom, our bedroom when we were working on the master and had guests stay the night, and briefly as an office before we were forced to get down and dirty with it.


When we worked on the Master Bedroom, we ended up taking out both of the doors here.  The one on the far left was the second door to the bathroom and we made the bathroom an en suite to the Master Bedroom instead, and used the closet there for the shower.  So we had bare drywall hanging there for awhile, which forced us into tackling this room next.


In order to keep this bedroom technically a bedroom, it needs a closet so we stole one of the three closets from the next bedroom over (the guest bedroom), since that room had the creepy sink closet under the stairs.  We walled off the door on the other side and installed a door on this side so the studio now owns the closet under the stairs.  The only problem is that we can’t finish the closet until we redo the stairs which are too shallow to be to code!  It’s the domino effect.


So here we are in the construction zone, you can see the new closet door and some of our paint sampling.  We talked the guy at Lowe’s to give us that big bucket of Valspar paint in Urban Sky down from $80 to $60, so I think we’ll be using it in every room.  We just have to mix it with white since it is way too dark for the whole room.

West Elm Rug in Office

Here is how the room is looking at the moment, with that work table that Eric built for me and the chair we refinished.  You can also glimpse the stenciling on the wall!  The curtains we got from target and the curtain rod from Lowes on sale.  You can also see the door frames that we upgraded with some fancy tops.

framing map thumb

This is the poster we discovered at a yard sale just about the road that we framed.  It’s hanging above the bed on the other side of the room that we have yet to take a picture of.  So, that’s how the studio is looking currently, we still need quarter round, but we’re waiting to do that until we refinish all the wood floors so we don’t end up just ripping it all back up again.  And we’re very much looking forward to door knobs, some storage space and some sort of design board at some point!

To Do

  1. Install trim
  2. Paint
  3. Paint the stencil onto the walls
  4. Build work table
  5. Make an Idea Board
  6. Build Bookshelves
  7. Find Chairs
  8. Door Knobs

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