Parlor Door and Window

This front room is a little awkward since there is no real use for it, besides a place to put my purse and put all of our books, so we dubbed it the Parlor in old school fashion.  It’s the first impression to the inside of the house and the giant picture window and built in book shelves are what sold us.

Built In Bookshelves

We loved these built-ins as soon as we first walked in but now that we’ve lived here a few years, we are noticing more and more how they weren’t really built that well.  We would love to actually move the door way to the middle of the room and build new built-ins all the way around the door to make a really thick door frame some day.  In the meantime there is still plenty we can do with all this shelf space!  We haven’t spent enough time on it but the best part is that this is pretty much a never ending project, so here’s where we are so far:

Built In Bookshelves Now

They’re just an excuse to buy that funny stuff that you love but have no place for, (and more books!).  So far we all of my our books, wine bottles, some of which we used in the centerpieces at our wedding reception, or from traveling through Michigan’s wine country.  A gift from Iraq, a lilly that Eric gave me for Valentine’s day, a hippo I made in college, a totem pole from Hawaii, and a moon rock just to name a few.  We also put the two chairs from my parents here.

Parlor Window Now

Along the window we pulled off the braces for the shelf so we could put the antique bench from my Great Grandfather’s dentist office, and a place to hang our coats which left some ugly raw wood and nail holes that need some love.

View from the Living Room

So for now, it is kind of a library / parlor / sitting room which we haven’t done much to, just placed the furniture we got from my parents and a painting we got as a wedding present.

tennis racquet artwork


We did get these super awesome Tennis Racquets on the wall that we got for free while dumpster diving.  Not sure if this is their permanent home or their permanent state but we’re liking them for now!

To Do List

  1. Tennis Racquet Art
  2. Move the door way and build new built-ins
  3. Replace the trim
  4. Fix the window trim
  5. Paint
  6. Put our touch on the furniture and art
  7. Keep curating the book shelves

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