Mud Room


As you may have read in Curb Appeal, our 1st house project was removing as much of the underbrush around the house as possible to persuade the snakes to move away. The snakes may or may not have been there but the poison ivy most certainly was because Jamie came down with an extreme case that shocked even the doctors.  Well, this same week, our washer and dryer were scheduled to arrive and our mud room was their new home.  Before they got here, though, we had visions of yellow walls and tiled floors, crown molding and crisp white trim.


The Mud Room was an addition to the house so two of the walls were siding with no insulation in the walls and a cement floor.  Before we moved in, the floor had been “fixed” since it was cracked and the contractor removed all of the green astro turf, fixed the floor, then glued NEW ASTRO TURF back down.  Guess we should have clarified that we wanted our house astro turf free, but to his credit he did use extra strength glue which left Jamie for the next week, covered in poison ivy with arms swollen to the size of air ducts to scrape, shovel and pick individual turf blades off the floor.  To this day there are still a few clinging on.

Once that agony was over, we decided to put down self-leveling concrete and we learned a few important lessons:

  1. Use a mixer that attaches to a drill
  2. Measure the room and figure out how much you need.


I don’t remember what we used to mix it, but it left awful powdery patches all over the floor and only covered about 2/3rds.  So, we decided to put off the rest of the room until we tackle the kitchen so we can flow the tile floor through both rooms.  (Yes, this is a stall tactic)


We ripped down the siding, and the tar paper you can see in this picture and hung our first pieces of drywall!  We knew this was a project house but we didn’t realize we would be hanging drywall in the first week!  Well not long after that we ripped out the window between the Mud Room and the Dining Room and we still haven’t finished sanding the mud, so the wall is only still half finished.  We’ll get there eventually!


A word on the color:  We wanted something bright and cheerful, we hadn’t figured out yet how different a color looks once its on all four walls, but we kind of love the boldness of it!

To Do List:

  1. Replace the windows with air tight ones
  2. Insulate the walls
  3. Remove the door to the kitchen
  4. Install a security door in place of the storm door
  5. Finish the patch job on the window wall
  6. Tile the floor to match the kitchen
  7. Build a place for shoes and coats
  8. Build storage around the washer and dryer
  9. Paint!

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