Master Bedroom


When we toured the house, this room felt like the natural Master Bedroom since it sits at the back of the house with great views of the lush green back yard; is the largest bedroom; and had a bathroom connected (despite the fact that the bathroom was a jack and jill).  We later found out that the bathrooms, closets and this bedroom were an addition once a little girl was introduced to the picture.  Well, either way we decided to make it into the Master.

Built in storage

When we gutted the bathroom, we decided why not just do the bedroom too?  Why not, right?  We started with ripping down the built-in between the closet and the bathroom.  This was another one of those, “oh wow what a great feature!”  Until you actually put your clothes in there and realize it doesn’t matter how many times you fold them, they’re just going to look like a jumbled mess.  So we out it went!

Minus the built in

And we were left with this dry-walling time capsule.  You can also see our new closet.  We stole some of the space to expand the shower, but now it is extremely shallow and can’t fit a hanger in there.  Oh well, it can be my accessory closet!

Carpet / Vinyl Tile / Subfloor

Next we moved on to the carpet.  When we ripped that up, we found this lovely specimen of vinyl tiling.  (Now imagine this with all of the trim painted turquoise, because that’s what it was!)

Installing Bamboo Flooring

After ripping out all of the trim, we started installing our new bamboo flooring we picked up at Lumber Liquidators.  This flooring took a long time to pick out since it is completely different from the original oak floors in most of the rest of the house.  When we asked for opinions, most people said to use oak, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to match it completely so we just went with whatever we liked best that was within budget and ended up with this gorgeously dark bamboo.  You can’t see it in this picture but it has so much character, each piece has lines of all different reds, browns and blacks.  LOVE this bamboo!

Closet and Bathroom View

So here is that wall where the built in was and is no longer!  It looks so much smaller, but once we find the perfect dresser it’ll perk right up.  Also a note on the doorknobs that are missing (and are still missing) We want to use the original glass doorknobs but the holes they put in doors are bigger than they used in the 50s, so they don’t fit.  We’re currently on the hunt for some plates that we like to sit behind the knob and cover that giant hole.


SO here is the master bedroom currently.  We painted the walls white, because we usually use such bold colors, we wanted this room to feel tranquil and cool, especially in these brutally hot summers.  I think we accomplished the feeling with the drapes from west elm in a beautiful greyish blue that compliment perfectly the quilt my mom made, a double wedding ring for our wedding.  It’s better, but this room still needs some character.

To Do:

  1. Find plates for the door knobs
  2. Build two wardrobes since we don’t have closets that fit hangers
  3. Find a dresser that fits the space between the closet and the bathroom
  4. Find matching side tables and lamps
  5. Accessorize

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