Master Bathroom

This was the “Master Bathroom” before.  It was actually a jack and jill between what we are using as the master bathroom and what is going to be the office.  Of particular interest here is how ridiculously tight this bathroom is.  Look how far the sink is sitting over the bathtub, the toilet bowl is sitting in front of the door trim and the toilet and sink are practically meeting in the middle which is not as obvious in this picture.

The Christmas after we moved in, we realized that where the bathtub met the wall on the toilet side was developing a serious gap, we’re talking half an inch or more and we became concerned about water getting down there and causing mold, so we decided to re-caulk the bathtub.  Thankfully, for Christmas, we received a Dremel multi-purpose tool from my brother and we got to work removing all the old grout/caulk.  Well about halfway through, with a loud CRACK, one of the tiles popped off the wall.  We stopped and looked at each other and then kept going, thinking we could replace the tile somehow later.  Three missing tiles later we found the mold caking the drywall behind the tiles and began a small investigation.


You can see how much black mold there was on the wood behind the drywall, let alone the drywall itself.  It led into full on renovation mode.


You can see the bucket of broken tile here but that was about all that we couldn’t salvage.  Unlike the DIY shows you see on tv where they go at it with a sledge hammer and make the entire room explode into dust, we did it the right way and pried each tile off and donated them to ReStore.  Then, Eric fell through the floor.


Eric was chiseling up the tile and the floorboards were rotted through so once he got through the layer of concrete that was holding everything up, down everything went!  So once we sistered all the joists just in case and put in a new sub-floor to match the old floor, we got started on rebuilding the walls.


We changed the whole layout of the room, by utilizing the closet space behind the bathroom, we put in a built in shower, walled in the door to the office and moved the toilet to create a whole lot more space.  The only downside was that the closet to the Master Bedroom also shrunk and now isn’t big enough to use hangers in so it is all shelves.  We’ll have to figure out some sort of wardrobe situation.


We tiled the shower using tumbled travertine which we highly recommend for amateurs since the tile is so flawed anyway it hides all of the mistakes you might make.


We put in two cute little cubbies for all your shampoo, conditioner and soap.  We still need to get some containers to fit in there but that’s not the point.


Here is the whole shower.  The mosaic tile was the worst!


And here is the bathroom how it is now.  We searched high and low for a cabinet for our Ikea sink and finally found it at Revival Furniture in Raleigh.  We had to sand it down, cut a hole for the sink and remove the back for the plumbing but it looks great!  The mirror we found at Lowe’s.


This awesome toilet paper holder came to us from my parents.  We love how it pulls in the handles from the sink cabinet and pulls in the color from the floor.  It’s also just a little quirky, and it is a giraffe so what’s not to love?

To Do:

  1. Have a glass shower installed
  2. Have a glass shelf made for the built in
  3. Get a towel rack for bath towels and hand towels
  4. Add some character!

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