Living Room

Living Room Before

The best part about the Living Room is by far the french doors, but a strong competitor is the mid-century classic archway.  The layout is a little wonky with doors on two walls and windows on the other two but somehow it all worked out just right with all of our inherited furniture.


We thought this fireplace mantle was in the running for best feature, until we found an exact replica at ReStore.  We knew we wanted to replace the stone work, or possibly open it up to see what is behind that cracked and stained marble but now we’ll need to come up with a new plan all together.

View to Parlor

Here is the living room (which is no longer the make-shift office.  To see that upgrade go here!), which we’ve done nothing to but stuff it full of hand me down furniture, a giant inherited television, and one fig tree that we planted during our marriage ceremony.  This view shows off those lovely french doors

View to Dining ROom

And here is the view into the Dining Room, which shows off our problem with the trim.  The Dining Room baseboard is taller than the Living Room trim but we’ve figured out a solution, once we replace the trim in the Living Room, we’ll be able to connect the two.

Pantone Wall

Besides throwing all our furniture, a couple of plants and some accessories on the mantle, we haven’t done much to this room.  I did put together a Pantone Art Wall you can see above but I’m still not sure if this is a keeper.

To Do List:

  1. Pantone Art Wall
  2. Replace trim to match the rest of the house
  3. Finish the trim from the dining to the living room
  4. Renovate the fire place
  5. Paint
  6. Work on those furniture choices
  7. Continue curating the mantle

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