The Kitchen Before

Our kitchen is the place we are most excited to tackle, but there are a couple things we don’t want to change including that giant, cast-iron farm sink.  LOVE that.  And the window that looks out on all that green, and a magnetic knife strip we found in one of the cabinets.  We don’t love much else.

Kitchen Cupboards

Check out these cabinets, they were all made with left over flooring covered in newspaper!  We gave these a really good scrub which took off all the old newspaper before covering them with paper.

Eventually we’re going to flow the kitchen out into the Mud Room and take out that door.  That cupboard is just deep enough for one can, which we laughed about at first but it actually is kind of nice to be able to see everything without digging.  And we lost that swinging door in the Dining Room Reno.

Kitchen Side View

So here is how it looks now!

Glass Cabinets

Here is another before picture with that swinging door and those very 50s glass cabinets which I  kind of love, even if the glass doesn’t move hardly at all.

Glass Cabinets Now

Here is how we’ve decorated so far, and you can’t see it but in that little broom closet we cut a hole in the wall, and the brick fireplace is hiding in there just waiting to be let out!  I can’t wait to take that wall down!

Here is the other side of the kitchen, you can see the cute little pocket door, the out of place appliance cabinet and the really cool vent hood, that doesn’t really work.

Kitchen Hood Vent

When it rains, this hood amplifies the sound which sounds pretty cool but terrifies our Rooster

Vent A Hood After

Recently we gave the Vent Hood a makeover with some chalkboard paint and holy cow what a difference it made!

Chalkboard Range Hood

Here is a wider angle on that Chalkboard Hood.

Free Kitchen Backsplash

Other than the Vent a Hood, we painted the backsplash above the counter a kind of weird blue color.  Honestly, I just needed some color in there with all that off white and dingy brown.  Still, it isn’t much different than when we moved in and it is taunting us daily with a full on renovation.  We’re coming for you.

To Do – Pre Renovation:

  1. Paint the range hood with chalkboard paint
  2. Paint the Backsplash

To Do – Full on Renovation

  1. Gut the kitchen
  2. Expose the fireplace brick
  3. Possibly open up half the wall into the dining room
  4. New layout, floor, backsplash, countertop, cabinets, am i forgetting anything else?

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