Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Before

The guest bedroom, by all first appearances seemed normal enough.  Lots of light from all the windows, some damaged floors in the center of the room, and his and hers closets.  Nothing to right home about.  Right?

Creepy GUest Bedroom Sink

Wrong.  Hiding in the second closet was the creepiest room we encountered while house hunting, and you’re probably wondering what on earth made you buy this house after that?  HGTV, we blame you.  Inside the first closet was a door to the closet under the stairs and in this room was this creepy little sink, a single bulb attached to the wall completely not to code.  The stairs were covered with tar paper and the floor was stained and splotchy.  Maybe the creepiest part is that the floor is worn like the closet was constantly accessed.  Hello little meth lab.

After talking with the owner’s daughter at closing, we found out that the mayor/pharmacist that built the house also had a photography hobby and this was his dark room.  We can’t decide if we buy it.

Guest Bedroom Now


Before we made any real changes, this is how the room looked with mismatched furniture and curtains from a fabric outlet down the road.

We started renovating this room in August of 2013, thinking it would be a quick, easy and cheap room to whip out before we move onto bigger and better things but the house had other plans for us.

Guest Bedroom Mold Spotting 4

As we were taking off the old floorboards to replace them, we discovered our most hated enemy:  Mold and water damage.  Clearly a waterfall had been going on behind the wall at some point, though someone must have fixed it without dealing with the rotted and moldy wood.

The Bounce House

We also had to jack up the floor joists where they were as bad as a trampoline.

Van Deusen and the Doors

But we finally fixed all the problems and with a coat of Van Deusen Blue on the walls and Mt. Rainier in the closets, you’d never be able to tell we had all those issues.

Guest Bed Closeup

Now that we have our DIY cootie catcher pendant lamp and some furniture back in there, I think this is my favorite room in the house!

Guest Bedroom Reveal

The List:

  1. The Before Post
  2. Finding Rotted Joists
  3. Inspirations
  4. Jacking Up the Floor Day 1 and Day 2
  5. Framing out under the window
  6. Picking paint colors and all painted
  7. Custom closets
  8. Cootie Catcher Pendant Light
  9. The Reveal

To Do:

  1. Jack up the floor joist that is resting on a vent rather than the brick foundation and causing sagging
  2. Replace the floorboards and quarter round
  3. Replace the doors
  4. Strip and sand the wood trim around the windows
  5. Finish the drywall in the closet walling off the closet under the stairs
  6. Add a ceiling fan
  7. Paint
  8. Add some character

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