Dining Room

our weird indoor window

When Rooster started trying to eat the wallpaper off the wall, we realized it was probably time to take it down.  Truthfully, I kind of liked the authenticity and the color of the wallpaper, though maybe not quite so much of it all together.  Thankfully, the Eric’s parents were in town because we had friends arriving for Thanksgiving in just a few weeks and we had visions of a beautifully renovated dining room for dinner.  Mom Forbes and I got to work on the wallpaper while the boys tackled putting up the storm windows.  We grabbed some Piranha Gel and one of those perforators and started ripping off wallpaper…in extremely small strips.  I think they super glued it to the walls because it took a week to get the last piece off and meanwhile, we ended up leaving perforated holes across the surface of all the walls.

post wall paper

It took us another week to patch all of the holes and sand them all down (give us some credit, we were still new to drywall and we didn’t get the minimalist take on it.)

the inside of a weighted window

We decided to tackle removing the window between the dining room and the mud room and really just jumped in.  We pryed off the trim and found the weights of the weighted window which are really pretty awesome.  I have one sitting on the bookshelves in the parlor now.  When you lift the windows up and down you can hear them rattling around in their boxes.

the great frame out

Eric figured out how to frame it in, but we discovered that the 2x4s used in the 50’s are not the same 2x4s used today because they weren’t as wide and we had to come up with a  (totally wrong) way to make up the difference, hence the strips going across the center.

swinging door

We also removed the swinging door going from the dining room to the kitchen which left a hole in the linoleum at the bottom and some serious gouges in the framing that we filled in with wood putty.

Well we decided to throw in another twist with only a week left before our guests arrive.  We decided to put in some board and batten.

board and batten gets started

We used our neighbors nail gun, and we liked it.  But by the time we finished, we realized that all of the dust from the drywall sanding had coated the entire Kitchen, including the insides of all the cabinets.  So I spent two days cleaning while Eric painted.  And I discovered that the nail gun had gone through the wall and into our cans of vegetables in the cupboard on the other side!

The first coat of paint didn’t cut it.  I tried to pick a bluish grey but really it came out the color of a baby boys room, guess it’ll come in handy if we ever have a baby boy!  So we tried another, and I think it turned out pretty good!

Dining Room - Now

The dining room table is a hand me down from Eric’s grandmother, the centerpiece is a wine bottle  melted in a kiln by Eric’s co worker and the candles are bridgewater candle company which help feed orphaned children for a week, the chandelier is from West Elm and the mirror is from Lowes.

To Do List:

  1. Get a Buffet
  2. Fix the edge between the dining room and living room. (you can’t see it here but it leaves there is no bottom trim since we couldn’t figure out how to blend the two trims together.)
  3. Re-upholster the dining room chairs
  4.  Find some artwork for the corners
  5. Add some character

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