Taking Down the Shed

Creepy Stalker Shed

Debatably the creepiest thing about our little bungalow is the creepy cement block shed not 5 feet from our back door.  They tried to paint it with latex paint and it didn’t work out so well because it immediately started peeling everywhere and hasn’t stopped.  There were two windows on one side, one of which was busted in and covered with a piece of plastic that collected dirt and grime. The ceiling was fiberglass and wasn’t nailed down completely so it flipped up and banged down in any kind of wind which sounded like someone pounding on the back door.  Inside were shelves and shelves, a small yellow light bulb, and a 3 inch diameter hole in the floor that might once have been a well.  Creeped out yet?

Our first night in the house, my brother, Ryne, decided to attack it with the sledge hammer and put a hole in the wall (which you can see above), so it was only right that we wait until he was able to get back down here to finish the thing off.  So, this weekend we did just that.

Fixing the Electrical

First things first, we had to remove the lightbulb and detach the electrical box from the cement blocks.  Eric shut off the electrical to the box, checked it with that little yellow current checker you see at the bottom of the photo, cut the wire to the lightbulb and capped them off.  We’ll have to deal with this later.

Taping off the WellAfter removing all the shelves, storm windows and wood from inside, Eric taped off the well.  We’re hoping to be able to use this somehow to water the garden eventually.  We haven’t thought that part out yet though, we’re just excited to get rid of this thing!

Removing Ceiling JoistsNext up, removing ceiling and joists.  We put a few tarps down around the shed to throw all the debris on.  It didn’t stop all the paint peels and chips from getting everywhere but it probably helped at least some.

Taping up the Shed WindowEric taped up the windows.  The idea is that if the window ends up smashing, all the pieces stick to the tape instead of ending up all over the yard.

Now, I video taped a lot of this and I have put together our first video!  Keep in mind this is the first so its not great.  Looking back we should have set up a tripod and let the camera run the whole time but we live and learn.  Either way you’ll get the idea, so enjoy! In case the video below doesn’t work, you can see it here.

We haven’t finished completely; we found out in the middle of demolition that we can’t take these to the nearby dump so we just made a pile and we’re going to try to list them on Craigslist.  We’ll let you know how that goes.  In the meantime, we’re still celebrating our victory and there is already SO much more light by the back door.

Shed with Sunlight

Look at all that light!  We left up the bottom two rows to keep the cement blocks in place.  Who knows, maybe we can even get someone from crags list to finish this up for us?

Ryne's Shed Victory

And this image perfectly sums up our victory over the creepy stalker shed.  Thanks Ryne and Martha for a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and for helping us conquer our yard eyesore!

Author: Jamie Forbes

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