Stick a Fork in It

Garden Stakes Close Up

With our garden starting to pop, we thought it would be nice to mark out where all the plants are, partly so we remember, partly so visitors don’t have to ask what everything is and partly because we think it looks cool.  We knew we wanted to skip the stick in the mud method and upgrade a notch but we debated all sorts of things from metal stamping to wood etching and finally settled on cork garden stakes because we have a whole lot of corks.

First thing I did was write on them.  Some of them turned out nice and some not so much – my only tip is to get a few sharpies because the tips get mangled and then they don’t look as pretty.  I didn’t snap any photos of this phase because it was really just me writing on corks and there’s no good way to show how to do that.

Garden Stakes Forks

So we bought a bunch of forks on eBay.  A variety pack cost us $12 for I think 24 or so.  We tried a thrift shop first but they had one sad little plastic fork, not what we were looking for.

Garden Stakes Flatten

Eric rushed out to the garage to flatten them all.  He put a piece of wood on top and then just hammered it until flat, not too tricky.

Flat Fork

Ta Dah!  Nice and flat.

Stick a Fork in It

Next we just had to stick the fork in it, which was actually tricky.  I ended up bandaging Eric up after this part, those round corks are slippery things but we found that if you hold the cork and get one prong in, then you can grab all four between your thumb and forefinger and put pressure on the cork at the same time so that you can push the fork in with the other hand.  Sounds complicated but you’ll figure it out.

Polycrylic for Garden Stakes

We were a little concerned about making sure they were water tight, just in case so we pulled out our trusty Polycrylic can and sent them for a swim.

Garden Stakes Dip

Just a little dunk to make sure the cork was good and coated.

Brush Garden Stake

Gave it a little brush to wipe off the excess acrylic.

Garden Stakes Let Dry

Stuck it between a piece of wood and the table that were clamped together and let it dry for 24 hours

Garden Stakes All Together

We wanted to test this one out so we haven’t finished poly-ing all of our stakes but we’ll get them done this weekend.  Here are most of them pre-poly though!

Cork Garden Stakes

So there you have it, our cork garden stakes for just $12 and materials we had on hand.  Pretty darn cute, if you ask me.

Author: Jamie Forbes

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