Stencil Uh oh

Sooo we decided to add an accent wall to our soon-to-be finished office and instead of painting a solid color, we wanted to do something a little different.  We purchased a stencil from Royal Design Studio.

Stencil Ingredients - plate, spouncer, adhesive spray, stencil, tape, level
The equipment needed:

  • Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray ($5)
  • Stencil Spong Brush Set (< $5)
  • Painters Tape and a Level (I’m not putting a price since any DIYer should have these two on hand)
  • Stencil ( $30-$90)

One thing we love about our house is definitely how straight and level the walls are…  hence the level.  So everytime Jamie applied the next stencil, we had to level it to make sure the stencil is at least level.  The way our stencil works is that we have two pieces – 1 large stencil to do the main repeating pattern and then 1 shorter one so you can do the ceiling line.  Jamie started out in the top left corner and moved right.  As you can probably guess, this is not a speedy task.  Jamie had about 3 stencils painted in an hour – that is about 6 feet of wall.

I only accept partial responsibility for the following:  When Jamie got to doing the stencil around the new door, we found out why it is important to both A) Not leave the stencil on the wall for 10 minutes (eh hem Jamie) and B) Completely wipe off all the drywall dust after sanding joint compound before painting.  You put those two together and bam, the stencil will rip all of the paint right off the wall.

So now I am literally peeling the paint off the wall.  Thought it wasn’t possible? Think again.  Over the next two days I painted on about 4-6 coats of paint over the crevice to hide it, but it is still a little visible.

Stencil Longview

We plan on taking a second swing at this in the next day or two so wish us luck and stay tuned for completion!

Update:  Check out the second part of this post here!

Author: Eric Forbes

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    • Thanks Kelly! We found a 5 gallon bucket of gray paint for 50% off in the abandoned paint section at Lowe’s. We mixed in white paint at 1:1 to get the base color and then used the original gray for the stencil.