Secret Garden

The garden isn’t really so secret anymore now that it has ballooned into the giant mass of green that it is at the moment.  We have had some dud plants, but for the most part we’re having singing success with our little garden back there and we’re starting to freeze and eat produce straight from the backyard!  So here’s a little tour for you.

Garden Update Overview

This is from last night of the whole garden.  You can see where we have some bare patches but the whole thing is looking pretty happy for the most part.  I think the mulch and patio are really making a difference in how much time we spend out here.


The thyme is going absolutely nuts, I keep having to trim it all back because it is threatening to take over the rosemary.  I knew this stuff was invasive but geez it multiplies daily.  We’re drying it for the spice cabinet as we trim.


Our garlic is one that is not doing so hot.  I think we have too many in the little pot but we’ll wait and see.  We’ve never had much luck with this in the past.

Mint and Basil

That is all basil (on the left) and mint (on the right).  We still have a few chives poking their heads up in front of the mint but that and the cilantro gave up on life early on.  We’re going to need to start making some serious quantities of pesto.  And mint mojitos!


Next up are the carrots.  Growing nicely but still a little on the small side for harvest.

Green Beans

Behind the carrots are the onions which are doing better than we’ve ever had and the string beans which are going nuts.  They’re trying to pull down the fence behind them.  We’ve already harvested a few huge batches and frozen what we don’t eat that night.

Squash and Cucumbers

The squash and cucumbers are also attempting to win best plant awards.  We’ve gotten a few squash and zucchini out of it but they’re only just now starting to really get going.  Our garden seems to be a little behind the curve for the area but hey, better late than never!

Giant Zucchini

Check out that guy, we left him on the vine a little bit long but we think he’ll make some nice zucchini bread.


Corn is in the back bed and this year it’s looking a little on the short side but we used a new variety of seed.  Definitely knee-high by the 4th of July though!


In the next bed are potatoes and tomatoes.  The potatoes are doing swimmingly, though they’re kind of falling all over themselves.  I think they need some support.

Green Tomatoes

The tomatoes I am super excited about because we’ve never used the cages and I think that is going to make a huge difference.  They’re already smelling tomato-y!

Peas n Peppers

And our last bed is definitely the most sad.  The peppers that survived seem to be doing well so we still have hope, and the peas in the back were doing fine but now they taste kind of awful and seem to be dying.  Ah well, can’t win them all.

So how bout you guys?  What are you growing and how are your gardens growing?

Author: Jamie Forbes

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