The Rooster Catastrophe

I was going through some images and found these of Rooster from what we have dubbed “the Rooster Catastrophe” a few months ago.  Since we’re a few images short on all the other posts that are in the pipeline, I thought I’d share these pics with you.

Over the summer, while we were working on getting the bathroom painted, a ton of construction was going on across the street.  This included a jack hammer, which made the whole house vibrate and made some terrible noise.  Understandably, this completely terrified Rooster who is a scaredy-cat to begin with.  While we were at work one day, she apparently went nuts.  Knowing Rooster’s habits, and the fact that construction was going on, we attempted to keep Rooster out of the bathroom (the door was upstairs being painted).  We blocked the doorway with a shop vac and a garbage bag, both of which would normally have been more terrifying than anything else out there.  Not so that day.

Rooster Catastrophe Bathroom

We had that board resting on the tub to protect it and so we could use it as a platform for tiling and painting.  Unfortunately, it hung out past the edge of the tub.  She must have jumped up on the edge causing her to sink down and the other edge to flip up like a teeter totter.  I’m sure this doubled her terror level bringing it from Frenzy to a state of blackout.  I can’t really imagine what happened next but have visions of paint flying and a dog scrambling across wet paint and plastic.  The paint can was across the room and open and I’m not even sure how that even happened. The floor was covered and Rooster was covered.

Dog in Paint

She also must have run through the paint because there were mint green paw prints all over the carpet, fresh tile and wood floors.  It was like an art piece of mayhem and destruction.  Thankfully the walls were spared and hopefully we got it off of her before she licked off too much of it.  Eric told her that if she wanted her nails painted, all she had to do was ask!

Dog in Paint

Poor puppy dog!  I’m so glad that they’re done with the worst of the construction out there, and so is the house.  She’s no longer shredding the back door into splinters and toppling furniture and I’m sure she is much happier.  It was pretty hilarious after Eric finished scrubbing the mint green out from around each of those tiny hex tiles.

Rooster Catastrophe Paint Job

Here’s another look at her face covered in paint!  A little note though, the thunder jacket didn’t really help much, as you can tell, but we did find out that NPR turned up pretty loud does seem to have a calming effect!  Just in case your puppy dog gets terrified while you’re out, give it a try!

Hope you guys have great weekend plans!  Anyone tackling some home improvement projects in preparation for Thanksgiving??

Author: Jamie Forbes

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