Remember this post from back in September when we had the Parlor painted?  We didn’t have much left to do in there, but we did need to let the built-ins cure for at least a month before we could move back into the room.  In the meantime we got started on the Family Room/Dining Room and Hallway and ended up using the parlor for our family room/office/dining room and it was just like you’d imagine cramming all that furniture into one room.  So, we finally got to spread the furniture out again into their designated rooms so that we can do a Parlor Reveal.  Again, this is one that still has some work on the decor since we were focused mainly on finishing construction and painting.  We want to keep nail guns and paint fumes to a minimum for at least a month after Baby Girl is out and about.

Office Desk

The big news in here is my new desk which Eric scored off Craigslist for $40.  Ok, so it isn’t the prettiest thing yet, and I did have to vacuum out some spider webs and scrape out some sort of sticky candy out of one of the drawers.  But once I get around to working on it, this desk is going to be pretty good-looking.  At the moment I think I want to stain it kind of dark and then paint the drawers white.

Office Desk Decorated

So now we’ve got 5 or 6 different wood tones competing in the office area, but that is alright, it still works and the drawers are coming in handy already.  I forgot how much I like drawers.  The bamboo shelving we actually got for the master bathroom from Ikea but it ended up being too cramped in there so we never ended up using it.  It feels so good to finally drag it out of the attic after 4 years and give it a home!

Parlor Temporary Couch

This room is still housing this couch temporarily until we make some final decisions on furniture placement.  Rooster loves having the couch here, it is one more perch for her to look out the window and keep an eye on things so we’re ok with leaving it awkwardly pushed up against that window for now.  At least it is being used.


And lastly, we have our built ins, which were by far the most work in this room.  Obviously we didn’t end up moving the door and we’re pretty glad we didn’t since we were able to get the hallway done instead.  The crown molding and baseboards made such a difference, too, that we ‘re happy with how it turned out.  It could just be that having the horrible yellow off the walls makes everything 100x better.  Eric and I spent an evening “curating” the bookshelf and really had a lot of fun with it!  We wanted to try doing the color coordinated books, which actually is nice when I want to find something.  Here’s how we did it, just in case you’re itching to redo your shelves:

Bookshelf Curate Objects

I started with spacing out the objects so they wouldn’t all get clustered together.

Bookshelf Curate Color Sort

Next we put all the books into piles based on color and then filled up the shelves.  I kind of went with dark at the bottom to ground everything and light at the top to make the shelves seem taller.

Bookshelf Curate Refine

Then we just kind of stepped back and spaced things out.  Next we reordered the books based mostly on color and a little bit on size.  I wanted them to be a little bit haphazard and look like it wasn’t too thought out, but we needed solid books on the ends to act as book ends and hold them up and it also needed to flow a little bit.  So we just kind of played with each section until we liked it and then moved on to the next.  Then we filled in the blanks with other things we had lying around, but still tried to keep it kind of simple.  I’m still constantly moving stuff around, and that’s kind of the fun part is that it is constantly changing.

Parlor Built Ins Before

Above is a before shot.  There’s that yellow, which doesn’t look so menacing here but don’t let it fool you.  That is a depressing color.  And then all the haphazard books and stuff sprinkled about, the middle shelves that weren’t permanent and didn’t quite line up with the shelves on either side, and the lack of crown molding or baseboards.

Parlor Before

And here is the rest of the parlor from before.  It might not seem like we’ve done as much in here.  The light fixture is still the same and there was no major reconstruction, but we did change out the baseboards, add the trim to the built ins, sand and refinish the rest of the trim work, take out the built-in glass shelf under the picture window, and paint.  And those little things make the room feel so much better and walking in the front door that much more enjoyable!

In here we still have a to do list:

  • Find a permanent place for the couch
  • Get or make some art for above the desk
  • Refinish the desk and other wood furniture
  • Recover the arm-chair
  • Get or make some art for the wall next to the french doors
  • Find a side table and light to make that corner a little reading nook

Author: Jamie Forbes

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