The Nursery Reveal

FINALLY!  The big reveal.  But first we want to apologize for the month-long hiatus from blogging.  In our defense, we worked every night after work and on weekends (with the exception of Birthing Class nights which were our big break) from Thanksgiving until the day my parents came to town for Christmas on December 23rd.  We were sore, exhausted and done, so we took the last couple of weeks off to prepare mentally for this next big life changing event… which we are still waiting on by the way.  So, we have some big reveals for you all in the mean time!  First up is the one most requested – the nursery.

Nursery Changing Table

We still have a ton we want to do in here, don’t get me wrong (by “we” I really mean “I”).  I have about 100 ideas that are making Eric roll his eyes but it is at least ready for a baby girl.  The wall color is French Damask by Benjamin Moore and though it is hard to photograph, is a really light, really pale pink.  The shelving are crates from Home Depot, we just gave them a quick sanding and anchored them to the wall.

Nursery Crate Shelving

They’re filled with cloth diapers, diaper covers, cloth wipes, some disposable wipes we need to try out before sending them with her to the daycare and some disposable diapers for the same reason.  I still want to add some sort of decoration between the shelves and the changing table to look pretty and also to give Baby Girl something to look at while we change her.

Nursery Crib

Here is a bit of the other side of the room, you can see the BEAUTIFUL quilt my mom made for her, and I wish I had a close up of for you.  We still need to add something above the crib but we haven’t decided if we want to do art or if we want to do a mobile and drape.  We’re just kind of nervous about hanging something above the crib that might fall, but stay tuned for whatever we come up with.

The Nursery Reveal

Next up is our bench which converts to a table.  This is kind of a hand me down from when we were kids and is the happy home of her stuffed animal collection so far.  Then the hanging out and feeding station in the form of a rocking chair, side table and foot rest.  We’re thinking we’ll hang the mobile that we made at one of the Baby Showers above this area.  Wait until you see it, so cute!

Nursery Rocking Chair

The chair is from Ikea and is surprisingly comfortable.  Deep enough and big enough for Eric, too, which is a plus.  The side table and pouf are from target and the lamp is from target too, I just recovered it with the same fabric as the backing on her quilt.  I’ll show you how I did it in another post.  Burp cloths in a basket at the ready!

Nursery Bookshelf

This book shelf was a bit of a compromise.  I had designs for some pretty sweet custom shelving to go along this wall but we ran out of time so hopefully we will eventually get around to that because I have a feeling she’s going to need some more shelves for all her books pretty soon.  Check out that adorable little chair that my godmother made!  And that bunny bank is the one I had growing up.

Nursery Closet Colors

Alright so in the closet we went a little more bold with the pink color.  I think this is Classic Pink by Ralph Lauren at Home Depot?  Pretty sure anyway, now its kind of a blur but you can see the difference in color.  It is PINK!  When we first started painting, we were kind of shocked by what we started but now we LOVE it.  The color has a lot more yellow in it than a lot of the pinks we looked at that were definitely blue toned.  This is definitely bubble gum pink and has a little more edge, I think, then the softer, sweeter blue-tones.

Nursery Closet Racks

We went with a dark stain on the shelves because we knew it would dry a lot quicker than latex paint (which we usually use on closet shelves)  The problem with the latex paint is that it can take up to a month to cure and still stay tacky and we definitely didn’t have a month to let this dry.  Don’t look too closely, we stained these in the very dim light of the attic and they aren’t the prettiest.  But from across the room they look pretty fantastic!  We also installed the racks incorrectly.  It was late and we weren’t thinking clearly because the supports were supposed to go at the edges so that the screw holes in the metal bars would line up.  So Eric ran back to Lowes just before they closed to get some wooden ones that we left unfinished.  Some day we might do something about that, but at the moment it really doesn’t bother me.  And can I just say, look how adorable those tiny little clothes are!

Nursery Closet Shelves

We also installed shelves that are about 4 feet long so she has a ton of storage.  I really had no idea how much stuff a baby needs!  The best part about this closet, though, we couldn’t get a good picture of.  To the left is this little area for her to make into her own secret space.  We’ll eventually put in lots of pillows and a little lantern so she feels cozy in there, but until then it is filled with bouncers and a play yard and some more stuff that we’re excited to use.  Now we just need a baby!

Author: Jamie Forbes

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