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So a ton of you have been asking what our plans are for the nursery design and I have to tell you, this is one challenging room!  I want it to be cohesive but I know a lot of the things we get won’t necessarily fit the perfect palette so there has to be room for colors and styles that don’t necessarily fit.  I want it to be calm, but also fun for when she gets a little bit older and those are kind of opposites.  I want it to perfect and imperfect at the same time so it has taken me weeks, literally to put together this design board and it still doesn’t quite match the haphazard thoughts running through my head but it is getting there!  We’re really digging the warm neutral nurseries that have pops of color like mint and coral.  So without further ado, here is a snapshot of the nursery:

Nursery Design Board

Where to Find it:

A.  Ferris Wheel Photograph | Etsy
B.  DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile | Etsy
C.  Finn Rocking Chair | anthropologie
D.  Fabric Banner | Decor Fix
E.  Hip Hippo | Land of Nod
F.  Luckyjuju Kitty Girl | Etsy
G.  Vintage Dresser | Etsy
H.  You are Our Greatest Adventure | Etsy
I.  Vintage Red Flyer Wagon | Etsy
J.  Caravan Crib | Kalon Studios
K.  Wobbly Chicken | Land of Nod
L.  I’ll Eat You Up I Love You So | Etsy
M.  Star Rug | H&M
N.  C’est Magnifique Wallpaper | anthropologie
O.  Hexagon Bookshelf | Arrow and Apple
P.  Wheeled Crate | Serena and Lily

So hopefully you can get a general idea of what we’re thinking, as usual the nursery isn’t going to look exactly like this.  I have a more concrete plan of how I want the room to look then I have with the other rooms so we might try to make some of the things seen here instead of just using the board as a general “feeling” for the room.  For some links to our favorite nurseries, you can check them out on our Pinterest or here, here, here, here, and here.  Also, for some fabulous other design boards, check out Lay Baby Lay.

The wall color that we are digging for the walls is Pink Damask by Benjamin Moore.  I was checking out their Look Book colors for 2015 and kind of fell in love.  It has that touch of feminine pink, yet is still soft and soothing and neutral so that we can use accessories for the pops of color.  We’re thinking mint and coral and lots of wood tones to give the room a vintage feel.  We’ll probably add in some navy just because I can’t help myself.

We already picked up the dresser off craigslist for $100.  They claim it is from the 1800s but we’re not so sure on the date.  We’re also going to use it for a changing station so we’ll want some sort of shelving/baskets above it and something for baby to look at and distract her like that fabric banner which she can tug on or whatever.


And Eric’s parents are bringing down the crib that he was raised in, towards the end of October!  We’re really excited for that heirloom and I think seeing it will make me not only feel more prepared for baby (we’re only 11 weeks away from D-Day and things are getting hectic!) but will help pin down the nursery.

I think I’m most excited about decorations, which I’m making most of and need to get started on!  It will be an assortment of wall hanging embroidery and prints and photos, the cloth banner, and then fun and functional wooden toys and things to arrange on the hex bookshelves I’m hoping we get around to.  I would love to incorporate some world travel theme in there like a globe or world map or that gorgeous wallpaper from Anthropologie too, but that’s a little bit in the weeds… we’re still working on the Big Picture!

Well I hope that helps you folks who’ve been itching for some nursery news.  There’s no easy overarching theme like dinosaurs or safari animals but I think this way, we can find a place for just about everything we love.

Author: Jamie Forbes

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