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key west wedding
Our destination wedding in Key West, Florida


Eric and I lived within 200 yards of each other since the 4th grade.  We must have played flash light tag on the golf course in elementary school together, and we were both in the percussion section of band in middle school, but somehow we didn’t meet until Junior year of High School.  We started dating and stayed together through rivaling colleges with Eric attending Purdue for Business and Jamie attending Indiana for Anthropology, English and Art.

After Jamie graduated in August of 2008, we took a trip down to Key West to celebrate with some friends.  Eric proposed at sunrise on the beach and we had a DIY wedding 10 months later on the same island with friends and family all around.

Not long after, Eric was offered a job with a commercial printer in North Carolina, so within two weeks we had our lives packed up and found ourselves in Raleigh.  Two hours to the beach, three hours form the mountains, what’s not to love?  Jamie found a job in graphic design and we found the third member of our family – Rooster Roo


Here she is trying to help us drywall the hallway, she’s not very good without opposable thumbs.

We fell in love with our 1950s bungalow and moved in Halloween weekend of 2010.  We haven’t stopped renovating yet.  Week nights and weekends are spent drywalling and painting and tiling and weeding and learning that 2x4s in the 1950s are really two inches by four inches.  We get jurassic park sized spiders, poisonous spiders, snakes, camel crickets, and giant deer that scream in the night, red ants that sneak up on you and vines that are plotting against us.  There hasn’t been a dull moment, but we’re having a grand adventure.

We hope you’ll read along and enjoy our adventures and horrors right along with us.

Eric, Jamie and Rooster Roo

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