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Several weeks ago, my fabulous godmother and amazing aunt threw me an incredible baby shower.  Delicious food, great company and a game that had me laughing so hard I cried and I wanted to share the good time with you.

Baby Shower Cake

The decorations were perfect.  Gorgeous flowers, a beautiful cake (that matched the balloons, napkins, and plates!) and of course my godmother’s house which I should post a tour of sometime because it is amazing.

Baby Shower Hersheys bars

Ok and then there were these Hershey’s bars that my aunt colored in the letters to play on the Baby Girl theme!  Clever, right?

Baby Shower Gifts

The Girls (or Gulls as they’re known, because when I was little I had trouble with the R’s and the name just stuck) were amazingly generous and Eric and I are pretty loaded for this Baby Girl already.

baby carriage

One thing I couldn’t wait to get out of the box was our new stroller/car seat !  Hello Beautiful.  We can officially bring Baby Girl home now.

Baby Shower Dick n Jane

Another amazing gift was this Dick and Jane quilt from my Mama.  She is so talented!  I won’t list all the gifts here but I’m sure you’ll see them pop up here and there as we put the nursery together and bring this squirmy little one home.

Baby Shower Painted Bibs

One of the activities was painting bibs!  Aren’t these so much fun?  Baby Girl is going to be styling.  Curious about the Pearl Nellie bib?  Oh, just wait.

Baby Shower Hysterical  Laugh

So we played this game that I would highly recommend for any baby shower.  The rules are below but basically, you start out with a piece of paper and write down a name that you think Baby Girl should have.  Then you pass it to your left and that person looks at the name and decides on an occupation that someone with that name would have.  Then you pass again.  The next time you draw a picture of someone with that occupation.  Then the next person names the person in the picture and so on until you go around the table.  The drawings were what got me, they were AMAZING.  Below are some pics and some sliders of the whole group.


[metaslider id=4402]


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[metaslider id=4431]


And in case those don’t work, here are some single images!

Pearl Nellie

At the end, I had to pick my favorite name, drawing, and occupation.  Pearl Nellie Jane was my favorite name.


The milkmaid won as my favorite drawing and her occupation is World Traveler!

Loisteen Bodybuilder

Julie Doctor

Rosaline landscape architect

Aren’t they amazing!  I need to do something really creative with them but I haven’t quite figured out what yet, so stay tuned.  And here are the rules for anyone who wants to play:


  1. Hand out a small notepad of paper to each person present with equal number of pages as players and pencils or pens.
  2. Tell them to choose a name for the new baby, keeping in mind the Mama’s last name and write it on the top paper.
  3. Pass the pad of paper to your left.
  4. Look at the name on the page and turn to the next sheet.
  5. On this sheet write an occupation of someone who has the name on the previous page.
  6. Pass the pad of paper to your left.
  7. Look at the occupation on the page and turn to the next sheet.
  8. On this sheet draw a picture of the occupation on the previous page.
  9. Pass the pad of paper to your left.
  10. Look at the drawing on the page and turn to the next sheet.
  11. Write down the name of the person in the drawing.
  12. Continue until you run out of pages.
  13. Pass to the new Mama and have her read them aloud.  She then chooses a name, occupation and drawing of her new little one!

And I’ll leave you all with another picture of all of us with our bibs!

Baby Shower Bib Show Off

Thanks again Teesa and Aunt Connie!


PSST – There’s a new picture of the bump!  Check it out here>

Author: Jamie Forbes

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