Jamming it Up

Since we only froze about half of the strawberries we picked a while back, and only ate about a pound of the twenty pounds we picked, you might have realized that there are several pounds of berries unaccounted for.  Well, we jammed the rest and let me tell you, this is by far the best strawberry jam recipe we have attempted.  I don’t know if we even really want to try another.  We found it here, a blog that we both adore and have found countless delicious recipes from.  Plus the posts fun to read instead of being just plain ol recipes, so enjoy!  Here’s a little bit of the fun we had:

Chopped up StrawberriesI can’t get over how red and beautiful these berries are from Pope’s Farm out in Knightdale. After washing and drying them (see how we did it here, just don’t freeze them!) we quartered those beauties.

Bowl of Strawberries, Sugar and VanillaAdd some, ok a LOT, of sugar and two vanilla beans – guts and outsides both.  This was my first time gutting the vanilla beans and it was a little bit curious, the insides are not exactly what I expected, kind of like a moist, grainy goop.  You can see a better picture on UseRealButter.  Once you mix this all up it turns into a fabulous juicy/sugary/vanilla-y deliciousness which you’ll let sit overnight (called macerating).

Lemon ZestThe next morning you’ll add lemon zest, lemon juice and MORE sugar before bringing to a frothy boil.  You’ll blend some of it either with an immersion blender or any kind of blender really before adding the pectin.  Our tip from previous jam adventures?  Don’t use the powder, splurge on the gel because otherwise you’ll have strawberry soup.  Next you just can it and enjoy!

Strawberry-Vanilla JamNow I just need to make little cross-stiched tops to feel really at home in this 1950s bungalow!




Author: Jamie Forbes

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