The Long Hall

We’re still waiting on this baby girl, so here is a hallway reveal to keep us distracted.  The hallway, and what we refer to as the “meeting of ways,” connects just about every room in the house except the family room and dining room.  I just want to point out that there are 8 doors leading off the hallway (and that’s after removing the one to the utility closet).  That is a lot of trim work.

DIY Carpet Removal Before

We’re starting off with the before pictures again.  This was from back in March.  Let me just point out my favorite parts that are hard to see in this picture.  Down there at the end on the right is an access panel to the shower that we removed to check for mold and didn’t replace for several years.  There are no baseboards, the wall to the left is new drywall that has been ready for prime for years.  There is no door trim on either door and not pictured here are the 20 or so puncture holes in the drywall to the right from ripping out the wall in the bathroom.  The smoke detector was replaced after they painted so there is a ring of a different color paint around it.

Hallway Construction Before

See we got started in the hallway back when we did the office – literally years ago, we just decided to leave it and move on to the guest bedroom instead.  We figured the carpet was protecting the floors and since there were 8 doors being replaced, we should just wait until after we got them all installed before working doing all the trim.

Hallway Reveal

Oh yeah.  It is amazing how much of a difference it makes walking down this hallway.  I actually want to hang out in here now.  We’re still not finished, we still want to do some tall wainscoting throughout and we still have to refinish all the floors in the house so that they match, but between the finished construction, the color and the new light fixtures, the hallway doesn’t feel nearly as treacherous and grungy.

Hallway Ceiling Before

Here’s a better look at how the hallway looked for a few years (just add in the hammer holes for the last year or so).  That fan is pretty awesome and was a lifesaver for paint fumes etc.  It is really powerful and though we haven’t witnessed it pulling up any flooring like the realtor warned about, you definitely need to open a window or door when it is on to pull air in.  If our windows weren’t inhabited by spiders, we might open them up and use this fan more, maybe when we get around to replacing them.  In the meantime we’ll enjoy the new light fixtures and that the fan blends into the ceiling a little more.

Hallway Before

This is what we refer to as the Meeting of Ways since it is kind of a room instead of a hallway that leads to the guest bedroom, the parlor, the upstairs, the hallway, the guest bath and the kitchen.

Tar Paper Hallway

And here it is without the carpet.  Lovely, right?  Thankfully it didn’t stay this way too long compared to some of our other projects.

Hallway Reveal toward the stairs

There are those gorgeous hardwoods!  I really can’t wait to redo all the floors in the house now.  We’re really leaning toward this unstained look (these are just sanded with poly on top).  So much better, right!?  Some day, when we finish the upstairs, we’ll probably take out that door and the wall to the left of it and open up the stair way but that is way in the future.  That’s why we left the original door there, though, so it doesn’t match the rest but you don’t really notice it.

Hall Utility Closet Before

Ok and I don’t have a good picture of the utility closet from before, but here it is when we moved in.  We’re not sure why the entire interior was covered in sheet metal or why the vent shaft is a foot away from the wall.  The closet went from the edge of the kitchen door (covering the trim) and was maybe 3.5 feet by 3 feet of unusable space.

Utility Closet Before

Plus it was pretty ugly and really poorly constructed, so when Eric and his Dad tore it down and moved the vent to make the space smaller, it really made a huge difference.

Hallway Reveal Utility Closet

It feels so much bigger in there, plus we have actual usable space.  The cabinet is awesome and is housing all the extra products you accumulate from 3 pack toothpastes and 5000 count Q tips and all the miscellaneous first aid products that end up in a DIYers stash.  Plus that corner is perfect for the coat rack and gets it out of the front room.  Eventually, I want to put in a built-in bench with storage for reusable bags and winter hats and gloves with a hooks for coats.

Well it definitely feels like we’re a lot closer on the house.  Big whole room renovations just include the kitchen, the upstairs and the patio but there are still a ton of little things we have on the list, like the wainscoting in here and the bench.  We’ll get to them eventually but for now we’re enjoying how far we’ve come.

Author: Jamie Forbes

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