It’s a Girl!

Its a Girl

We’re having a baby girl!  Still trying to wrap our heads around that one but we’re slowly getting things into place.  We debated whether or not to find out if she’s a she but Eric put his foot down, and after we found out I was very glad we did.  Partly because I was convinced she was a he so that would have been much more shocking after 9 months and also because now she seems much more concrete (both literally and figuratively).  And even though we’ve known for several weeks now, we’re still no closer with coming up with that perfect baby name, I’m still working on nursery colors, and we’re shopping for day cares this week so we’re starting to check things off the growing to-do list!  Well, we just wanted to share the good news with all of you and let you know that everything is going perfectly so far.  She’s getting bigger and getting into trouble in there with all her squirming and swimming around.  Here’s a little glimpse of the past few months!  I’ve started a page to keep track of the weeks we manage to shoot a picture of and you can find that here.



Baby Bump Week by Week


Author: Jamie Forbes

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