Family Room Reveal

Moving on to the next room in our Renovations Revelations week here at Add Some Character, we’re checking out the Family Room Reveal!  This room wasn’t really high on our priorities list for a long time but once we heard about Baby, we thought we should add it to the list.  Partly because the fireplace tile was teetering towards falling off the wall and because we had some exposed 2x4s and nails in here.  Since redoing this room, though, I realize that we should have done this room a long time ago.  I actually enjoy hanging out and relaxing now!  Maybe because the room is actually relaxing and doesn’t stress me out.

Family Room Fireplace Before

We’ll start with a before picture.  Here is the original fireplace.  Note the cracked marble there at the top that just wiggled and moved when you touched it.  It is also a purplish color that really wasn’t working for me, stained and poorly constructed.  The white fireplace surround and mantle I really loved at the beginning because I thought the original owner custom-made it, until I saw the exact same one at Restore and I realized it was just a kit or something.  Plus it had been painted so many times that it was globby and not amazing.

Marble Fireplace

Here is our new fireplace!  Marble tiling (which still needs to be buffed up so it’s not as shiny as it will be) and a custom-made fireplace surround.  The wood mantle we salvaged at a place in Durham that finds and rescues lumber from barns and buildings all over North Carolina.  This was their only piece of Black Walnut and was pretty much meant for our fireplace.  It is a little bit bowed and has some interesting grooves and nicks but that’s what gives it some character!  It took quite a bit of work to get it into shape but we’ll save that for another post.  In the meantime, look how beautiful it is!

Fireplace Angle Shot

We’re still rocking our christmas cards up there but you can kind of see the herringbone marble floor from this angle, and how deep the mantle is. Due to some restrictions if we ever make this a working fireplace, we couldn’t go any deeper with the wood but we think it still sticks out far enough to make a statement.

Family Room Dining Room After

Here’s another shot, just because I can.  Also, note the archway at the bottom.  We finally figured out how to transition from the Dining Room wainscoting into the baseboards of this room.  It was bare 2x4s and nails for the better part of 4 years so it is a huge relief to finally have that covered up.

Family Room Dining Room Before

You can see it in this other before shot.  You can also see that much hated wall color and the light fixture peeking down.  Between the fireplace, the wall color and some horrible lighting, I really avoided this room, even though we spend quite a bit of our downtime in here.  Maybe now that the room seems relaxing, we might actually take a break from great big renovation projects!

Family Room Reveal

Now we have this fan.  It is by far the most expensive fan we have ever bought coming in at close to $200, but we see now that there is a serious difference between a $100 fan and a $200 fan.  The parts felt heavier and more durable and this fan comes with a  remote control.  We can switch on the light, change the speed settings, and even switch between cold weather and hot weather (the direction of the blades).  A remote control is a serious perk when the light switch is hiding behind the french doors so you have to shut one every time you want to turn on a light in here – which is not a huge problem but enough of a nuisance that a remote control seems like a serious perk.  It is also a richer, more mood lighting feel in here instead of the bright glaring dentist office feel from before.

Family Room toward Parlor Before

This is the before picture that I had, the desk and computer haven’t been in the family room for a while since we had the office but you can still see the difference.  The french doors definitely stand out more with the grey walls and the fan really makes a statement, especially combined with that good-looking fireplace over there!

We forgot to take a shot of the other corner but not much has changed besides the grey walls (and the pantone art is gone.)  We’re still trying to figure out how to arrange everything in here and how to decorate but it already feels more like home than ever.

Author: Jamie Forbes

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