Embroidered Dish Towel of the Month Club

Embroidered Dish Towel of the Month Club

Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with embroidering, if you remember the onesies that I made for Harper (see them here). I think it’s the fact that it looks almost better if it isn’t perfect and it is a project that you can just pick up and do a few stitches if you have a couple of minutes during naps between loads of laundry.  Plus it isn’t on the computer so I can definitely get on board with that after sitting at the computer for 10+ hours a day.

February Embroidery Close Up

The problem, though, is that there are only so many wall hangings you can make that you never actually hang up.  So I was trying to come up with something a little more useful and saw some really cool embroidered dish towels in a local shop, and that reminded me of one mom made a while back.  And that was the lightning bolt for this project.

February Embroidery

At first I was just going to keep them for myself since our dish towels kind of look like they’ve been partially eaten by wild animals before they were tossed onto a fire.  But, it was Christmas time when I came up with this plan and I was feeling particularly good-spirited, which is why I decided to do one a month and send them to my grandmother along with a letter and some photos as an Embroidered Dish Towel of the Month Club.  I’m actually sending the package out today so I’m kind of hoping my Grandpa doesn’t read this blog post.  Grandpa, if you read this, don’t tell Grandma!

February Embroidery of the Month

What’s doubly great about my plan is that this is going to force me to keep up with organizing our pictures every month instead of leaving them all til the end of the year.

Interested in making your own?  Here is a PDF of the pattern I designed and check out this post for more information on how I use the PDF patterns.

Frozen Leaves

And here is just something interesting from this past winter wonderland of a weekend.  Frozen Magnolia leaves.

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