Spring has Sprung!

Here in North Carolina we are solidly into springtime (and we are LOVING it).  We even had an 80 degree day recently!  So we are jumping feet first into this happy weather with long walks and hanging out on our patio.  We’re also pulling out our green thumbs to get our garden growing.  I know last year we said 2014 was The Year of the Garden.  We lied.  With the major twist to the renovation schedule, we turned our backs on the outdoors.  This year, though, this is the Year of the Garden.  I swear.  We’re so serious we even bought a couple of books (that’s serious).

Starting Sprouts in Egg Cartons

For the first time, we’ve started a lot of our sprouts indoors in egg cartons plant starters.  We already have a bunch growing!  Spinach, Lettuce, Peas, Brussels Sprouts (yeah, those should be interesting!), corn and Roma Tomatoes have already popped their little heads up.  The spinach and lettuce are already so big that we’re planning on getting them in the ground this weekend, especially since they tolerate cooler weather better.

Cinnamon Basil Sprouts

This year we have some fun new plants, too.  Like Cinnamon Basil.  Sounds interesting, right?  Although, the reviews say it doesn’t really taste like cinnamon.  I’m hoping it will be good added to our home grown green tea.  We also have those Brussels Sprouts which I’m pretty excited about – more to see them grow than to eat them.  A friend of mine also shared some amazing seeds from Rare Seeds that we can’t wait to plant.  These are Heirlooms which means we can save the seeds, unlike the seeds you can pick up at Lowes which are genetically modified.  We have Lime Basil, Tomatillos, Baby Oakleaf Lettuce, Italian Pepperoncini Peppers, and Tom Thumb Peas.  Check out those peas, they’re adorable.  If you have a smaller garden space or garden in containers, these should be perfect for you!

Garden No Posts

Notice anything different?  We tossed the posts that were in the back corners.  They were holding up the grape vines but, sadly, our grapes didn’t make it. We take full responsibility for that.  But, they didn’t taste that great, anyway so we’ve replaced them with Red Raspberries and Blueberries!

Honestly I’m not sure which is which since Eric was the one who planted them but we have 2 of each.  I can’t WAIT for them to grow!  I’m feeling very impatient about it.

Pink Lady Apple Trees

We also planted 2 Pink Lady apple trees!  We learned from our dead apple tree we planted before that you need some serious fencing on these to keep the deer at bay.  Our deer are like 8 feet tall giant deer, no joke.

Gloomy Garden

Our garden is still feeling pretty gloomy, but I’m sure it will be green and full of delicious things in no time.

Egg Carton Sprouts

Interested in our Egg Carton plant starters?  So far they’ve worked great.  We just cut the tops off and put them underneath to provide some extra absorption for the water then filled them up with Seed Starter from Lowes.  We water them with a fine strainer which lets the water drip out slower so we don’t disturb the seeds so much.  And we labeled them with numbers so we know what we’re growing.  We have them out in the mud room which doesn’t get that much direct sunlight and isn’t insulated so it gets pretty cold at night. They’re also on top of our washer and dryer which means they get vibrated like crazy whenever we have them running, in other words the seeds seem to want to grow no matter what we do to them.

Garden Pots

We do have a few survivors from last year – Rosemary, Thyme and some Garlic.  They’re all looking a little unhappy at the moment though.  We’ll save you though!  And here’s to 2015, The Year of the Garden!

Author: Jamie Forbes

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  • Oh, the cinnamon basil sounds nice. Even if it doesn’t taste like cinnamon, I hope it will smell like it. Where did you find it?

    I’ve gotten my herb ad veggie seedlings going inside too, and I can’t wait to get them outside in my container garden.

    Good luck with The Year of the Garden. I think it’s going to be a great one!

    • We just found the cinnamon basil at lowes surprisingly. We bought it on a whim and then read up on it, apparently it tastes more like anise which isn’t my favorite but that’s what we get by failing to do research. Hopefully it will at least smell amazing! I’m excited to hear about what you make with your herbs and veggies!