So we ended up not being able to block-a-mole but I still loved that post title.  Last weekend we took a break from the bathroom.  After Eric scraped out the inside of the cast iron sewage line we had both needed a break so we got out into the glorious outdoors to get our garden planted.  Our original plan was to scoop out all the dirt and put down metal construction fabric (like the landscape fabric we used in this post) only made of metal.  This allows water through but effectively keeps those little burrowing animals from coming up and nibbling on our carrots.  The problem was it would have been about $80 for the cheaper plastic version and that’s pretty steep for just the burrowing animals when we have so many other pests out there in the garden.  So we skipped it, and come a month from now we’ll probably be up to our elbows in moles but that’s how it goes I suppose.

Garden Bumble Bee

We’re actually really late on planting.  The first year we moved in we planted in February.  We did have to go out there about a dozen times to cover it from the frost but the end of April is really late.  We blame the bathroom.

Garden Before Planting

So we had already started de-weeding when Eric snapped this shot, we did have green beds when we started full of clover and grass and all sorts of inedible and invasive plant life.  You can see our new table though!  We love hanging out there, and once we’re surrounded by fresh veggies and herbs it will be even better.

Garden Weeds Before

Here’s a close up of one of the boxes.  So. Many. Weeds.

Planting Cilantro

We even found cilantro growing in with where the corn used to be!  Our yard really loves to grow everything it can get its dirty little hands on… just in all the wrong places.

How to Pull Weeds

My weeding method is to grab a giant bucket and one of those claw tools.  Hack and hack at the dirt with the claw, then pick up all those evil little weeds.  I find it’s easier to get the whole root this way.

Garden Raking

Next I took the metal garden rake and dug way down to loosen and fluff up the soil.  Then we threw in 2 cubic feet of fertilized garden soil from Lowe’s and mixed that into the top few inches.  I think I’m still sore from all that raking  And very sunburned.  But those little seeds are so happy!

Garden Planning the Planting

Back in February, I mapped out the whole garden in this post.  At the time we were basing a lot of our veggie decisions on hopefully selling them at the Farmer’s Market that is starting up across the street from us.  We actually decided not to sell at the Market but we’ll definitely be taking advantage as just regular Market goers.  It just seemed like a large time commitment (every Saturday from May through October) and we have so many other projects we want to tackle.  Since we aren’t selling anymore, we swapped out a few of our plants when we went to buy them but for the most part they’re exactly the same.

Laying out the Seeds

I spread out the seed packets and bulbs where they all needed to go and then we got to work planting them with a careful eye on the instructions on the backs of the packets.  Next year, we’re going to start the seedlings indoors!

Eric Planting Cucumbers

There is Eric planting our cucumbers.  Now is the worst part, waiting for those little seedlings to sprout up.  And trying to decide which ones are plants you want and which ones are evil weeds.  In the meantime, though, we’re enjoying all the other new life around the yard.


Happy Spring to you all!

Author: Jamie Forbes

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  • Seedlings indoors is the BEST! One of my very good friends does this and she lives in downtown Chicago – so it’s a much more “urban garden”. But they have SO many seedlings that they planted probably a month-ish ago and they say it’s the best method 🙂

    • We started seedlings indoors the first time we had a garden, but I think laziness got the best of us these past couple of years… Next year we will be better about it, plus it gives us something else to blog about!