A Snowflake First Birthday

Harper Snowflake Party

While we were up in Indy, some family thought it would be nice to throw Harper a little birthday celebration, even if it was almost a full month early.  It was kind of a last-minute decision and quite a bit thrown together, so I didn’t even chance a glance at Pinterest.  Probably a good think considering just 5 minutes out there and I already have the dreaded Pinterest Effect going on (a combination of overwhelming duty to make life into a magazine spread coupled with an “I could so do that” attitude).  Check some of these gorgeous parties out like this one (those hair pieces??) and this one (that rustic vibe and love that chalkboard idea) or this one (so perfect for a winter party!).

Snowflake Smash Cake


Harper’s snowflake themed party was a little more real life but there were some Pinteresque elements thanks to some amazing people.  A special shout out to Aunt Suzie and Uncle Greg who spent their weekend making gorgeous giant snowflakes out of paper.  The important thing is that it was a great excuse for some great people to get together and eat cake.

First Birthday Smash Cake

Probably the highlight of the day was when Eric went to pick up the big cake and the smash cake and the big cake read “Happy First Birthday Marper!”  So that’s been her nickname ever since.

First Birthday Snowflake Theme

Harper wasn’t really sure what to make of her little smash cake.  A few fistfuls of icing made it into her mouth but it doesn’t look like we have a sweet tooth on our hands.

Smiling Smash Cake


Well we still have a week and a half before our baby girl becomes a one-year-old and we’re already wistfully reminiscing over the past year and all of her big accomplishments.  We are so proud of her!


Author: Jamie Forbes

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