A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas 2015 at home

I simply can’t believe 2015 is already behind us.  Last year at this time, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Harper Jo who was snuggled up against the cold.  I think that might have been the fastest year of my life and I’m on the hunt for ways to slow down 2016!  I also can’t believe how little I’ve blogged.  I miss it terribly, partly because I just enjoy it but mostly because I love looking back at the end of the year and seeing what all we’ve done like a scrapbook.  So, one of my resolutions is to get back into the swing of things and I’m starting with Harper’s first Christmas.

Christmas 2015

We braved the eleven hour car ride back home to Indiana for the holidays… and it was a nightmare.  We took the sage advice of our fellow parents of small children and drove through the night in the hopes that she would simply sleep through the trip.  Oh no, not Harper.  She woke up screaming every 20 minutes, and only by singing “The Ants Go Marching” in a loud voice had any effect calming her down.  I now get twitchy when I hear that song.  We ended up buying headphones for the driver 2 hours into the trip while the other one sat in back yelling about ants.  A crying baby, off-tune marching songs, severe fog and a downpour through the mountains is enough to make anyone twitchy, I think.  But we made it at 8 am on Christmas eve and immediately all three of us passed out.  The rest of the week was better but I think that night traumatized poor little Harper because she wasn’t her Happy Happy self for the rest of the week.

Christmas 2015 Jamie and Harper

Seeing friends and family throughout the week made the drive worth it and Christmas itself was a lot of fun.  We put her in her little jammies and tried to get her interested in the presents instead of the bows and wrapping paper.  You’ve probably seen the buzz all over Facebook about getting your children

something they want,

something they need,

something to wear,

and something to read.

Well, I really like the simplicity of this.  And, at the risk of sounding like a complete hippie, I like not buying into all the consumerism surrounding the holidays.  She really doesn’t need a mountain of presents (though she got one anyway, grandparents simply can’t resist). But this particular version of the poem just doesn’t really work for us.  We’re thankfully able to buy the things she needs when she needs them and I and her “Mormor” are minorly addicted to baby clothes buying MORE in the name of Christmas just didn’t sit right either. Instead we came up with the following little ditty:

something she wants,

something someone else needs,

something we made,

and something to read.

So we got her a little wheely bug that she doesn’t quite fit on yet and we couldn’t fit it in the car so its still under our Christmas tree, we donated to a really good local cause for children in need on her behalf, we made her a growth chart (I’ll hopefully be posting about that soon) and got her this adorable little Alice in Wonderland board book.  Hopefully we’ll be able to stick to this in the future, and we’ll be able to donate other things like our time or make quilts for children as she gets older.

Christmas 2015 with Presents

Back in October and November I was hungrily gobbling up everything on Pinterest getting ideas for things we “HAD” to do for Harper’s first Christmas, but as December came it all felt so much less important and more like things I just wanted to do for something to post online or take a picture of instead of something I really wanted to do with Harper.  Plus if I had tried to do everything I probably would have had a mental breakdown, so we kept things pretty simple this year and it really was perfect.  We got our tree, we spent time with family, and we kept our sanity.  All in all a win, I’d say.  Next year though… I have a whole year to plan, that’s how it works, right?

Harper Christmas 2015


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